Status Summary

The bill was heard and passed in the House Committee on Early Learning & Human Services and is in Rules.
On 2/13, placed on second reading in Rules. The bill did not come up for a vote in the House and therefore is dead.
Please note: it is very likely that after this update is sent, the identi-card language will be amended onto a Senate bill that is currently in the House.

(updated 2/22)

Legislative Session





Reps. Kagi

Adds language indicating eligibility for a photo identi-card:

• An individual who receives continuing public assistance grants, referred in writing by DSHS
• An individual under the age of 18 with no permanent resident address
• An individual who is scheduled to be released from a specifically identified institution or other juvenile rehabilitation facility operated by DSHS or DCYF 
• An individual who has been released from one of the mentioned institutions within 30 calendar days before the date of the application

For those fitting the criteria, the required fee must be the actual cost of production of the identi-card. 

*Companion to SB 6114