Status Summary

The bill was heard, amended and passed in the House Higher Ed Committee and was heard by House Committee on Appropriations on 2 /5.
Executive action taken in the House Committee on Appropriations on 2/6.Majority; do pass 1st substitute bill proposed by Higher Education.
Referred to Rules 2 Review on 2/6. HB2386 was not pulled in Rules or voted on by the House and therefore is dead.
(updated 2/15)

Legislative Session





Rep. Hudgins
Students eligible for the Washington College Bound Scholarship Program include: 
• Students who quality for lunches that are free or reduced-priced 
• Are dependent pursuant to Chapter 13.34 RCW (foster youth) in grades 7-12th
• Are between the ages of 18-21 and have not yet graduated from high school
• Were dependent foster youth and were adopted between the ages of 14-18, with an agreement that includes continued eligibility for the scholarship program
Adds language indicating that, if at the time of high school graduation, the student’s family income does not exceed 65% of the state median family income and the student is homeless as set forth in the federal McKinney-Vento Act; the scholarship award may include on-campus housing and a basic meal plan.
Applicable for two or four-year institutions of higher education that have school-owned student housing. Students shall be awarded standard room and board while the student is attending the college/university as a college bound scholarship recipient.