Status Summary

Executive action in the House Committee on Early Learning & Human Services on 1/31: Majority; 1st substitute bill be substituted, do pass. Minority; do not pass.

Public hearing in Appropriations on 2/3, however, the bill did not come up for a vote and therefore is dead.
(updated 2/15)

Legislative Session





Rep. Kagi

2795 removes language in current statute noting “supervising agency.”
“Supervising agency” is considered an agency licensed by the state or licensed by a federally recognized Indian tribe located in this state that has entered into a performance based contract with the department to provide case management for the delivery and documentation of child welfare service. 

2795 removes language giving supervising agencies case management responsibilities of child welfare, if the supervising agency is providing child welfare services.  [This is language from HB 2106, passed by the legislature in 2009 but never went into effect.] 

Repeals additional RCWs related to the demonstration sites created in HB2106 in 2009.
*Companion to SB 6407