Status Summary

Referred to Early Learning & K-12 Education, but never had a hearing. This bill did not move out of its committee before the Policy Committee Cutoff date.

Legislative Session






This bill would require that by August 1, 2018, each school district adopt or amend if necessary a transgender student policy and procedure that at a minimum incorporates the model transgender student policy and procedure created by the Washington State School Directors' Association. It is the responsibility of each school district to share this policy with parents or guardians, students, volunteers, and school employees. Each school district shall designate one person in the district as the primary contact regarding the transgender student policy. By December 31, 2018, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction must also develop a statewide training class for those people in each school district who act as the primary contact regarding the anti-harassment, intimidation, or bullying policy and the transgender student policy.