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Senate: Funding for the State Need Grant (SNG) program and the College Bound Scholarship (CBS) program are reduced due to a decrease in tuition operating fee levels under ESSB 5954 (College Affordability Program) and the operating budget. As a result, each programs award amounts are reduced due to lower tuition. ESSB 5954 ties the tuition operating fee to a percentage of the state average wage. In FY 2016, the research universities are 18 percent of the state average wage and the regional universities are 12 percent. In FY 2017, the research universities are 14 percent of the state average wage, the regional universities are 10 percent, and the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges is 6 percent. The tuition operating reduction in FY 2016 will range from 3% to 12%. For FY 2017, the tuition operating fee will be reduced another 14 to 24%.