$1.201m GFS; $1.540m GFF; $2.741m Total


($8.087m) GFS; ($9.759m) Total


($2.808m GFS); ($6.002m) Total


($2.808m) GFS; $11.851m Total

Governor, House and Final: In February 2013, Washington State received nearly $1 million from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Innovations fund to develop the collaborative State Health Care Innovation Plan. Additional funding is provided to fully develop and implement a five-year innovation plan to help transform public and private health purchasing and the delivery of health care with the goal of achieving better health care and lower health care costs.

Senate: Savings are achieved through the increased use of value based contracting and other payment incentives that promote quality, efficiency, cost savings, and health improvement. Savings are also achieved through additional chronic disease management that reduces subsequent need for hospitalization or re-admissions. The reforms are anticipated to reduce extraneous medical costs by 2.5 percent fully phased-in by fiscal year 2017.