The third week of the first special session is coming to an end, and the last day of the session is just around the corner, on May 23rd.  It is expected that the Governor will call for a second special session right away, but regardless, bills that were passed in the original house and not the opposite house during the regular session, then went through the referral back to Rules, then onto the floor, will have to go through the process again.  Such is the case with HB 1661, the Department of Children, Youth, and Families bill.  HB 1661 passed the House during the regular session but did not come up for a vote in the Senate so back it went to the House at the conclusion of the regular session.  During the early days of the special session, the House re-passed HB 1661, but, as of this writing, it has not come up for a vote in the Senate, nor is it expected to, which means it will go back to the House and would have to be voted on again during the second special session.  A bit hard to follow, but nonetheless, for better or for worse, it’s the process!

We will not be updating the Bill Tracker this week and likely not next week either.  At this point, neither the House nor the Senate is scheduled to be in Olympia, so, other than bill signings, nothing with bills will have changed.  And don’t forget, you can find out if the Governor has taken action on a bill by going to

Patience has to be the word of the week… we all need quite a bit of it as we slowly move through the special session!

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Have a good weekend!


Laurie Lippold
Public Policy Director