Welcome to Week 5 of the 2013 Legislative Session! 

Today, February 22nd, is the cut-off for bills to get passed out of their policy committee of origin.  This cut-off provides the opportunity to take stock in what is still alive, what isn’t, and what might be able to come back to life on another, living bill.  This is also the time that things really pick up in the fiscal committees. 

On the House side, there is an Appropriations Committee and three Appropriations sub-committees.  While not set in stone, it appears that the sub-committees will hear bill with a fiscal impact under a certain level and the Appropriations Committee will hear bills with a higher fiscal impact.  In the Senate, there is just the Ways and Means Committee...there are no subcommittees.  It is important to note that not all bills that pass out of their policy committee of origin and have a fiscal impact will be heard.  For a variety of reasons, many bills die in the fiscal committees.

As more bills pass out of the policy and fiscal committees, there are more bills to take up on the floor of the House and Senate.   Floor action will really kick into high gear after the fiscal committee cut off on March 1st.

Cut-off dates reminder: 

  • February 22nd – Bills have to be out of their policy committee of origin. 
  • March 1st – Bills have to be out of the fiscal committees. 
  • March 13th – Last day to consider bills in their house of origin.  Then the process begins again with bills in the opposite house! 
  • March is also when the next revenue forecast will take place, which will be followed by the release of the Senate, then House budgets.  
  • April 28th is the last day of the regular session.
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Have a good weekend..... 

Laurie Lippold
Public Policy Director