Welcome to Week 9 of the 2013 Legislative Session!

Cut-off for bills to get out of their house of origin has come and gone. Committees are now meeting again, and bills from the opposite side are being heard. There have been 2,864 bills introduced so far this session. Of these, 868 are Senate bills and 1,996 are House bills. 362 House bills have passed the House and 278 Senate bills have passed the Senate. That means the Senate is now dealing with 362 bills... Getting them heard and passed out of the policy committees by April 3rd could be challenging! Also challenging will be getting 278 Senate bills out of the House committees. It is very likely that not all of these bills will make it out of the opposite house policy committees and even more likely that they will not all make it out of the fiscal committees. But, you never know! A lot can happen in a short period of time...

Bills that did not make it out of the house of origin will be included in this update but will be removed from subsequent updates --- unless it looks like the dead bill is going to be amended onto a living bill or included in the budget as a proviso. Remember, a bill is not really dead until the legislature adjourns sine die. And... bills introduced during the first year of the biennium (the odd years) are alive for two years. In other words, a bill that doesn’t get out of committee or voted on by the full house will revert to the last place it was alive and pick up from that place next session.

If you have questions about bills that are no longer appearing in the updates, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Cut-Off Dates Reminder:

  • April 3rd - Bills must be out of the policy committee in the opposite house
  • April 9th - Bills must be out of the fiscal committee in the opposite house
  • April 17th - Last day to consider bills from the opposite house
  • April 28th -- Last day of the regular session
  • Also, the next revenue forecast will come out around March 20th. We can expect to see the first budget (since the budget Governor Gregoire released) sometime thereafter. 
POC's Bill Tracker is fresh with updates. Take a look!


Have a great weekend!

Laurie Lippold
Public Policy Director