Working to transform the child welfare system.

Purpose + Core Activities

Partners for Our Children (P4C) aims to eliminate inequities and promote inter-generational family well-being by advancing research, evaluation and evidence-informed policy and practice. In collaboration with partners, communities and those with lived expertise, we work to transform the child welfare system and create structural changes that are anti-racist and affirming of all families.

The following are P4C’s core activities:

Collaborative Research, Evaluation and Intervention Development

  • Advance collaborative, equity-driven, anti-racist research and disseminate findings to foster evidence-informed decision making for institutional and structural change 
  • Conduct responsive, applied research, guided by, co-created with, and focused on the urgent needs of those with lived expertise in the child welfare system 
  • Engage in policy implementation research and systems assessment for policy reform 
  • Develop, evaluate and scale training and interventions for child welfare workforce, parents, caregivers, and providers towards system reform 
  • Envision what could be, contribute to public discourse, and shape messaging to promote equity and child and family well-being

Evidence-informed Public Policy

  • Advocate for anti-oppressive policies and practices in Washington state and at the federal level 
  • Strategize, collaborate, and engage in education to advance equity driven policy initiatives  
  • Collaborate with those with lived expertise to ensure policy recommendations are informed by diverse voices and grounded in the realities of communities  
  • Inform the local and national dialogue on state, federal, and judicial policy to promote child, family, and community well-being 
  • Translate research and other evidence into digestible and actionable findings for policy, practice and system reform 
  • Disseminate policy communications consistent with organizational purpose and priorities