Working to transform the child welfare system.

We are excited to release our first Annual Report of Child Welfare System Performance! The Annual Report was created to help Washington better understand how children served by the state child welfare system are faring in the areas of safety, permanency, and well-being & education. It was developed as a result of two pieces of legislation passed in 2013 (HB 1774and HB 1566), which together, require a single, comprehensive performance report on the child welfare system.

The report is divided into three main sections: Safety, Permanency, and Well-Being & Education. Each section has several different measures, such as the rate of overall CPS reports, the runaway rate for children in out-of-home care and the third grade literacy rate for children’ in foster care. We know that some measures might interest different people more than others, but we believe anyone can find something of value in the report.

Over time, we hope to expand the number of areas of the system we look at for the report – providing an even more thorough picture year after year. If you have any questions or comments on the report, please send them our way