Key Takeaway

Frequent visitation between parents and their children in out-of-home care is linked to improved outcomes. Visitation also represents an untapped and vital opportunity to address child and family needs in order to improve visit quality and potentially receive a greater return on the investments made in visits each year.

Visitation is crucial to strengthening and maintaining family relationships and is linked to positive outcomes, including improved child well-being, less time in out-of-home care, and faster reunification when it is in the best interest of the child.  Although it is common for parents involved in the child welfare system to attend a parent education program, only a few parenting programs were developed specifically to meet the needs of parents and families in the child welfare system. Furthermore, while visitation is a crucial time when parenting skills could be increased, very few efforts are being made around parenting skills during visitation.  Partners for Our Children (POC), in close collaboration with the Children’s Administration, aims to address this by developing a first-of-its-kind parent support program designed to improve the quality of parent-child visits.