Working to transform the child welfare system.


Executive Director

Associate Professor Emiko A. Tajima’s scholarship is equity-driven, with a focus on advancing prevention and system change to improve child and family well-being, especially for marginalized groups. Attuned to the need for socially just, evidence-based, and culturally relevant supports for children, families and communities, Dr. Tajima is committed to anti-racist institutional and structural analysis and reform. Dr. Tajima is the executive director of Partners for Our Children (P4C) a research and policy center which aims to eliminate inequities and promote inter-generational family well-being by advancing research, evaluation and evidence-informed policy and practice. Dr. Tajima’s approach to these issues is shaped by her interdisciplinary background, which includes a BA in sociology, MS in criminology and PhD in social work, as well as direct service experience supporting victims of family and gender-based violence. Her courses include research methods, child & family policy, poverty & inequality, and social welfare policy.

Dr. Tajima joined the School of Social Work faculty in 1999. She served as the School’s MSW program director from 2006 to 2011 and as the associate dean for academic affairs from 2011 to 2017.

Professional interests

  • Child & Family well-being
  • Child welfare policy and practice reform
  • Intimate partner violence / gender-based violence
  • Minoritized and immigrant and refugee populations
  • Methodological issues in interpersonal violence research
  • Equity in social science research