Partners for Our Children is part of the University of Washington and as such adheres to the University's terms of use.

The following disclaimer applies to the Partners for Our Children Data Portal:

The reports available on the POC website represent POCs interpretation of data obtained from the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services’ Children’s Administration and from other Washington State agencies.

The data from Children’s Administration are provided under terms of a data sharing agreement that describes the unidentified raw data to be extracted from the Children’s Administration Statewide Automated Children Welfare Information System (SACWIS) and transmitted to POC.

The results presented here are those of POC, and may differ from results presented in reports prepared by Children’s Administration or other agencies on similar topics. These differences do not indicate that one report is more or less reliable than the other, but only that they are separate and distinct reports. For clarification on any such variation, please contact the agency or entity preparing the report. For information about POC reports, contact the Help Desk.