Our Work in Child Welfare

Partners for Our Children works to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families in Washington state, especially those touched by the child welfare system. But we can’t do that alone. That’s why we work closely with partners to get the right information into the right hands – those making important decisions about child welfare practice and policy. 

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Child Welfare Fast Facts

  1. In 2017, approximately 8,800 children lived in out-of- home care.
  2. Nearly 51% of children who entered out-of- home care were under five years of age.
  3. 57% of children were reunified with parent(s) within three years of entering out-of- home care.
  4. Half of all children who entered out-of- home care in 2014, exited within 15 to 18 months.

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Current Projects


Connecting aims to improve bonds between teens and foster parents, which in turn can make teens less vulnerable to risky behaviors. So far, the program has showed promising results.

Data Portal

The Data Portal provides access to data about children and families who interact with the child welfare system in Washington state.


Strive is a set of parent support and education programs being designed specifically for parents involved in the child welfare system

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