Working to transform the child welfare system.

Sponsored by Representative Haler, HB1021 states that whenever the custody of a child is in dispute as a result of the legal separation or divorce of the parents, the court will provide a pamphlet to the involved parties, which explains the harmful effects of parental abduction. All parenting plans would require each party to certify that they had been provided with and read the pamphlet.

The pamphlet explains that parental abduction of a child may result in trauma and both short-term and long-term negative effects, including a fear of being abducted again, loyalty conflicts, emotional detachment, feelings of betrayal, and an inability to trust adults.  It concludes by emphasizing that even if parents’ relationships with each other have become extremely strained, their children need to have strong relationships with both parents.

Substitute bill:  SSB1021 requires that information regarding the harmful effects of parental abduction be included in any packet of information provided to the parties involved in a dissolution or legal separation proceeding, or in any parenting class or seminar provided to the parties.  The information must contain material set out in statute that discusses the potential immediate and long-term adverse impacts of child abduction by a parent.