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HB 1600: Concerning the installation of signs displaying the 988 national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline

HB 1600 is concerned with signage displaying the 988 suicide prevention and mental health crisis services hotline. The bill would authorize the installation of signs advertising the 988 hotline in new construction areas and public facilities that are being replaced. The bill states that signs promoting the 988 crisis line must be installed in appropriate locations at public works projects being constructed or replaced after July 1, 2024. Examples of these public works projects include buildings, bridges, ferries, and parks. The bill recommends that 988 signs be installed on bridges where suicides by jumping have occurred or are likely to occur and in locations providing services to people with a high incidence of suicide or other mental health conditions who may benefit from knowledge about the 988 hotline. These signs may not interfere with traffic control devices or violate existing state laws related to the placement of signs, and the location of signs located along state or interstate highways must be approved by the department of transportation. The bill additionally states that this law is not intended to create liability for the state if signs have not been installed in a particular public location and that the state may accept gifts or donations to pay for the creation, installation, and maintenance of these signs.