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HB 1877: Providing a pathway to establish a universal health care system for the residents of Washington state

HB 1877 establishes the development of a work group dedicated to providing a pathway to establish a universal health care system for Washington state residents.

The legislature recognizes health care as a human right and thus intends to control health care costs so Washington state can achieve a sustainable health care system with more equitable access. Therefore, this act declares that it is sensible for the state to explore mechanisms to operate and fund a universal health care program through a public option and by standardizing benefit plan designs.

Section Two of this act requires specific stakeholders and members the Health Care Authority (HCA) are included when convening the work group. It also details that the work group must study and make recommendations to the legislature for a health care system that is publicly funded, privately delivered, sustainable and affordable to all Washington residents, that includes, but is not limited to:

  • options for increasing coverage and access for uninsured and underinsured populations;
  • transparency measures across major health system actors;
  • innovations that promote quality, evidence-based practices that lead to sustainability and affordability;
  • options for ensuring a just transition for all stakeholders; and
  • options for revenue and funding mechanisms.

The work group must report its findings to the appropriate committees by November 15, 2020.

*Companion to SB 5822*