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HB 2811: Relating to tenant screening, evictions, and refunds under the residential landlord-tenant act

HB 2811 adds several definitions to the current RCW (revised codes of WA, or laws!), including a definition of Comprehensive reusable tenant screening report; criminal history, and eviction history.  Additionally the bill requires landlords to notify prospective tenants whether or not they will accept a comprehensive reusable report.  A landlord can choose to access their own report; however, they would not be allowed to charge the tenant.

Further, HB 2811 deals with limited detainer actions, under what circumstances they can be disseminated, what screening service providers are allowed/not allowed to do, etc.

As amended, the bill added a required element of a comprehensive reusable screening report, that it also include a report containing the prospective tenant’s address and rental history.